Umbraco Architect

Alex has been tapped for some of our most complex projects because his expertise often brings exactly the clarity that's needed. We're also thrilled to have an Umbraco MVP on our team!

Alex, Umbraco Architect

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, we are always on the lookout for skilled Umbraco enthusiasts. We certainly found one in Alex and jumped at the chance to add him to our team. Alex, a certified Umbraco MVP since 2017, joins FYIN as an Umbraco Architect. He earned Umbraco MVP status as a result of his contributions to Umbraco forms and to the Umbraco community as a whole. 

As a kid, Alex dreamed of someday being a farmer or maybe a famous soccer player. In school, he excelled in math and eventually realized that his natural talents aligned more with technology than agriculture. In college, he earned a degree in Information Technology. 

Alex prides himself on being able to solve complex problems, thereby playing a role in the success of each project. He’s always willing to learn new technologies and methodologies. He describes himself as being honest, attentive, broad-minded, and persistent. He’s motivated by good work and interesting projects. When he’s not working, Alex enjoys traveling, playing soccer, and cycling. 

Random fact: Alex reads approximately 50 books a year.

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