Senior Umbraco Developer

Andrew leads by example and inspires everyone around him to be their best. He is an Umbraco expert who uses that expertise however it is needed - training, development, etc.

Andrew, Senior Umbraco Developer

His commitment to fitness might make you feel a bit guilty about your own workout regime (or lack thereof) but being around the ever-cheerful Andrew Barta is an instant mood-lifter. He joined the FYIN team to lead some of our critical marketing initiatives, but his varied background brings value in many areas. Andrew’s most recent position was with Umbraco HQ, helping to grow Umbraco’s presence in the U.S. He’s an Umbraco Certified Master with a strong training background, having trained hundreds of Umbraco developers and end-users. 

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Andrew attended Western Washington University, earning a BA in Management Information Systems as well as a BA in Marketing. Andrew has one sister and remains close to his family. 

People who know Andrew are unable to describe him without using the word “traveler.” Andrew absolutely loves to travel and does so every chance he gets, criss-crossing the U.S. as well as visiting other countries. He currently lives in North Carolina with his girlfriend (plus his girlfriend’s daughter) but visits Washington when he can. Andrew has a pretty wide daredevil streak and enjoys everything from mountain climbing to offroading. 

Andrew describes himself as happy, resilient, determined, and disciplined. He focuses on being “realistically optimistic,” nurturing his glass-is-half-full philosophy while not letting the glass overflow. Andrew enjoys the process of building from the ground up - from teams to processes and everything in between. He has experience in software engineering and product delivery and makes a great addition to every team he’s on.

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