Dan F.

Dan F.

Quality Assurance Director

He has a sly sense of humor and a penchant for casually tossing seldom-used vocabulary words into random conversations, but Dan has a serious side, too! Our client-partners benefit from his eagle-eyed thoroughness.

Dan F., Quality Assurance Director

We might call him our “sound guy” or “video guy” informally, but Dan brings many other skills to the table. Dan first came to FYIN as an intern six years ago. He then spent several years running a production studio (doing everything from sound mixing to management) before returning to the fold. Dan wears several hats at FYIN, including Quality Assurance Director. Nothing gets by his eagle eye. He sees himself as a jack of all trades and his work ethic drives him to be good at all of them. Dan will happily take on any job that makes the whole team better.  

Dan describes himself as an outgoing perfectionist, which means that he fits in well with the rest of the FYIN team. He also stands out in a couple of unique ways. Dan is dyslexic, meaning that his brain sees and interprets language a bit differently. He views his dyslexia as a gift and not a disability. Dan also has a mild case of synesthesia, a word you probably haven’t seen since it appeared on a vocabulary test when you were in 7th grade. In a nutshell, Dan sees music as colors and shapes. When working on sound editing, he doesn’t stop until the colors and shapes are right.

Random fact: Not surprisingly, Dan is a fan of many types of music (from jazz to R&B) and has a deep appreciation for any song that’s been mixed properly.

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