Senior Vice President

An even-keeled, engaged leader who makes time for anyone who needs it, Eric is passionate about driving success for FYIN's clients AND team members.

Eric, Senior Vice President

Eric is a mover and shaker who brings industry-spanning, high-level strategy expertise to the FYIN team. A strong believer in servant leadership, Eric invests his skills in growing awesome teams, always mindful of the need to balance business growth with the health of the team. Relationship management and collaboration aren’t just buzzwords to Eric - he is engaged on every level and thrives on challenges. 

Eric hails from Washington state originally but has lived in Denver for the past two decades. He earned a BA in International Business, Communications, and Marketing from Jones International University in Centennial. Like most Coloradans, Eric is a fan of the great outdoors and often plans excursions around rockhounding, exploring the Rockies, and skiing (but not all at once). He enjoys travel and hopes to pass his enthusiasm to his two young daughters. 

Describing himself as fair, fun-loving, driven, understanding, and flexible, Eric considers himself to be a lifelong learner. That progression of knowledge (and understanding of the changing world around us) helps drive the best solutions for our client-partners. 

Random Fact: Eric is passionate about global projects that aim to bring clean water and sanitation to developing nations. He has traveled to work on water projects, including a particularly impactful trip to Sierra Leone. 

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