Project Manager

If you ever encounter Gino in an elevator, you're sure to find a common interest before you arrive at your floor.

Gino, Project Manager

Gino, a confirmed extrovert, loves adventure, bourbon, and motorcycles (though not necessarily in that order). Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Gino later moved to Wisconsin for college. He earned a BA in Theater (with an emphasis in Technical Production and Design). He enjoys being creative, so lighting/audio design and set-building were right up his alley. Later, he went on to earn an MBA from the University of Wisconsin Parkside. 

Gino spent a few years doing tech support and computer repair at Best Buy (and yes, he is wise to your “my laptop screen broke out of the blue” shenanigans). Working in a retail environment left him with a lifelong fear of two words: Black Friday. His love of motorcycles led to a brief stint with Harley-Davidson. Later, he landed a Business Analyst role at a university, where he became proficient in reporting and data analysis and became adept in tools such as Slate (CRM) and PeopleSoft. 

Gino describes himself as being detail-oriented, creative, outgoing, and humble. His role at FYIN is a multi-faceted one that includes project management and business analysis. Gino’s skill set is in high demand with FYIN’s client-partners and we're thrilled to have him on the team! 

When he’s not working, Gino pursues his many interests and hobbies. He is passionate about motorcycles, golf, and landscape photography. With their shared love of travel, he and his girlfriend enjoy touring distilleries and trying new bourbons among other adventures. Some date nights are spent at home with LEGO sets and dinner-for-two under the watchful eye of their Goldendoodle. Gino also loves experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes and uncommon ingredients. 

Random fact: Gino saved his pennies (a whole lot of pennies) and purchased a fairly uncommon car when he was just 24: an Alfa Romeo Giulia. Red, of course.

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