Executive Assistant

She's friendly, focused, and studious - meet Jani!

Jani, Executive Assistant

Conventional wisdom warns us to be wary of anyone or anything that seems too good to be true. Well, you don’t have to give Jani the side-eye - she is as impressive as she seems. Jani serves as an Executive Assistant to our Managing Director, David, but she wears other hats as well. Aside from being genuinely friendly as well as organized and articulate, Jani is as sharp as they come. 

Jani is a Denver native with roots in the Caribbean. She moved back and forth as a child. Driven by leaving any job (large or small) well done, Jani credits her hardworking mom for her can-do attitude and work ethic. Jani is proud to be a first-generation college student. Her studies have taken her in a few different directions in accordance with her varied passions and interests. 

Jani prides herself on being an attentive listener whose cup is always half full. She brings a fun/happy energy along for the ride wherever she goes. When she’s not working, Jani enjoys hiking and singing, but not usually both at the same time. She and her boyfriend have a shared love of live music; many date nights involve concerts. Jani has a bit of a musical background; she grew up playing a number of instruments (including formal instruction in violin and clarinet). She also threw herself into dance when she was younger - a regular Renaissance woman! 

Random fact: Jani can recite the alphabet backward. Wacky parlor trick for the win!

Keyboard Accessible

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