Joe C.

Joe C.


Boy next door meets metalhead meets financial wizard: that's Joe!

Joe C., Controller

A sure sign of a company’s growth is the need for a fellow like Joe. Simultaneously focused on the big picture and the smallest details, Joe keeps our accounting systems humming along. His role continues to expand; he recently joined FYIN's Quality Assurance team. 

As might be expected of someone in the role of Controller for a busy agency, Joe describes himself as detail-oriented. He finds beauty in math and patterns, and he doesn’t hide the fact that finding new functions in spreadsheets brings him a minor thrill. 

Although the finance/accounting field is sometimes rumored to be full of introverts, Joe does not fit that mold at all. He is a “people person” who can strike up a conversation with just about anybody who makes eye contact with him. Joe is a Colorado native who has been living in Denver for the past decade or so. He has a degree in finance from MSU Denver. Before beginning his career in finance and accounting, he worked as a preschool teacher. If working with kids doesn't teach patience, nothing will! 

When he’s not working, Joe enjoys exploring Denver with his girlfriend and finding new spots they haven't visited before. There’s always a new restaurant or a breathtaking view still to be discovered. 

Random fact: Joe loves heavy metal music. Unintelligible screaming? Mosh pit? He’ll stage-dive right into it. 

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