Senior Account Manager

Is he unflappable because he's a dad or because he's learned to juggle challenging projects without breaking a sweat? Only Patrick knows for sure.

Patrick, Senior Account Manager

Patrick recently joined the Click Mentality team as a Project Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience in digital marketing, design, content development, lead generation, email marketing, and much more. Patrick earned a degree in Marketing and holds certifications from Google Academy and Hubspot. After college, he worked for a couple of outdoor product retailers before transitioning into a marketing role at a start-up. He continued to expand his marketing knowledge, learning about many different industries along the way. 

Born in Kansas, Patrick grew up in a small town in Indiana. Later, he paid a summer visit to Colorado and simply never left. He fell in love with the beauty of the Rockies and soon put down roots. Patrick enjoys outdoorsy pursuits like mountain biking, snowboarding, and fly fishing. He strives to live the ideal of making the most out of every day, and living in such an exhilarating environment inspires him to do just that. 

Patrick describes himself as loyal and detail-oriented. Being a good friend to others and having integrity is also important to him. Another important facet of his personality: Patrick is the very definition of “handy.” He owns a boat that he built from a kit. The desk he uses for work? Built from scratch from ethically sourced sequoia wood. 

He and his wife have two adorable young children, a boy and a girl. They also have a fuzzy dog named Greta (a wire-haired pointing griffon). 

Random fact: Patrick and his wife, Bryce, met at an ugly sweater party. A romance story for the ages!  

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