Scott H.

Scott H

Software Engineer

Meet our newest eCommerce guru, a handy fellow who can deliver a flawless online checkout flow - and maybe fix your toaster if needed. Meet Scott!

Scott H, Software Engineer

Scott recently joined the team as a Software Engineer. His role focuses on .NET development with an emphasis on eCommerce. Specifically, Scott is certified in nopCommerce, one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms on the market.  

Although he took a circuitous path to get here, we're thrilled to have Scott on board. As a kid, his early years were filled with many state-to-state moves with his family - the life of a quintessential ‘military brat.’ Colorado was his 9th state, and it stuck. The road to the Rockies is often one-way! Like many Coloradans, he enjoys pastimes like biking, hiking, and snowboarding. Scott also enjoys spending quality time with his dog, a Schnoodle. 

In college, Scott earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and then added an MS in Information Security. The first part of his career was spent in two-way radio systems for a major carrier. Eventually, he gravitated toward software engineering and headed in that direction instead (gaining many years of experience in that field as well). It’s lucky for us that he did! eCommerce is a vital segment of the work we do for our client-partners. 

Like many software engineers, Scott is driven by a natural curiosity about how things work. As such, he’s a downright handy Mr Fixit. He’s constantly reading and loves to learn. When he's not knee-deep in code or wielding various tools, Scott enjoys a splash (or two) of whiskey. 

Random fact: Scott also enjoys scuba diving, which is the one outdoorsy (er, underwater) activity that Colorado as a whole doesn't particularly embrace. 

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