Director of eCommerce

RJ's offbeat sense of humor makes him a fun addition to any team, but it's his extensive eCommerce development skills that really blaze trails around here.

RJ, Director of eCommerce

Unlike many Coloradans, RJ does not ski, snowboard, or bike through the mountains. When the authorities find out, he’ll likely be escorted to the Rockies and told not to come back until he develops an appreciation for the great outdoors. In the meantime, RJ enjoys playing retro video games like Super Mario World. He’s also an enthusiastic fan of stand-up comedy. Lewis Black and Eddie Izzard are among his favorite comedians. 

RJ is a certified nopCommerce developer; achieving that certification was no small feat! RJ is FYIN’s Director of eCommerce but is in no way limited to eCommerce work. He’s a well-rounded full-stack developer who can take on virtually any challenge. RJ prides himself on his ability to dig into code, identify issues or inefficiencies, and relay that information in a way that makes sense even to non-technical folks. He also enjoys mentoring junior developers. 

RJ grew up knowing that he wanted to be a developer and wrote his first program at just 13 years of age. He later studied Computer Science in college. Originally from South Dakota, RJ grew up in a military family and moved around quite a bit before settling in the Denver area in 2008. He is the proud dad of three children (one grown and two youngsters). RJ describes himself as funny, calm, and understanding, traits that surely come in handy when raising children. 

Random fact: RJ is known as a “hat guy” and has an impressive collection of headgear. His co-workers are waiting to see if he shows up in a stovepipe hat a la Abraham Lincoln. 

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