Umbraco Master

Scott loves a good challenge, which is why he owns two Siberian Huskies. He's our go-to guy for all things Umbraco.

Scott, Umbraco Master

Umbraco Master: Almost as cool as a Dungeon Master, but infinitely more useful to our client partners. Scott, a member of the FYIN team for over eight years, wears the Umbraco Master title with pride and has achieved every certification that Umbraco offers. Give him a technical challenge and he’ll master it. Scott wears lots of hats. He deftly handles all forms of development including front-end, back-end, and server architecture. You’ll even find him running our laser engraving machine. Scott is not someone we hide in a back room so that he can write code all day; he interfaces directly with our client-partners and shares his expertise firsthand.

Originally from the Milwaukee suburbs, Scott took a leap of faith and moved to Denver several years ago. Colorado’s better-than-Wisconsin weather means that he can get outdoors more often, riding his motorcycle and playing disc golf (but not typically at the same time). While the motorcycle might lead you to believe that he’s the rebellious sort, Scott admits to a pet peeve that paints a slightly different picture: he hates messy code.

Something people are surprised to learn: Scott sports several tattoos and piercings and has been known to sit still for up to 11 hours for a tattoo session.


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