.NET Developer

A talented developer who knocks every project out of the park, Tyler finds balance by spending time in nature.

Tyler, .NET Developer

As a kid, Tyler’s introduction to computers was dramatic and slightly traumatic. His parents got him a new computer and shortly thereafter, a wild storm hit and it went up in flames. Literally, not figuratively. Knowing that his parents were unlikely to replace his smoky PC anytime soon, Tyler set about rebuilding it. He taught himself the ins and outs of the machine’s hardware, replacing and repairing it bit by bit. Eventually, he once again had a working computer. 

For most of his education and subsequent career path, Tyler has focused on striking a balance between theory and practice. He earned an Associate’s degree in Technology, later adding a BA in Computer Science. Today, his skill set includes ASP.NET, software development lifecycles, design principles, documentation, testing, and much more. 

Tyler grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. As a kid (right before the flames shot out of his computer), he thought he might someday become a chiropractor or a mathematician. In time, his interest in computers ramped up and the rest is history. He describes himself as detail-oriented and precise, which are key attributes for any skilled developer. Tyler is also a planner - the toilet paper will never run out on his watch!

Tyler is a big fan of outdoorsy activities like hiking. St. Louis had decent hiking trails, but it’s hard to look back once you’ve taken a gander at the Rockies. In 2019, he and his wife (Sami) decided to take the plunge and move to Colorado. Their cat, Binxx, is still on the fence about the whole thing. Tyler also enjoys playing video games, cooking, and traveling. 

Random fact: Tyler and Sami eloped in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

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